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Dirty Hands Only

Caspian Sake/Matcha Bowl

Caspian Sake/Matcha Bowl

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Embrace the artistry and functionality of our handcrafted pottery, spanning cups, bowls, and vases, all designed to infuse your home with unparalleled charm. Dive into our diverse collection, where every piece adds a touch of handmade elegance to your daily routine. 
Shop now to discover the pottery that perfectly resonates with your unique style, each shape and glaze infused with a special meaning from cherished moments.
About this Piece
Our first series in the history of the dirty series. Caspian is made from our love of the ocean and that one great band that made me shed a tear at the end of their concert, Caspian. If you love post rock instrumentals, give them a listen.

Holds 310mls.

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